Microsoft Windows XP Setup Information

These instructions will help you configure Windows XP to connect to Spacestar and the Internet using a dial-up modem.

Contact Technical Support if you have any problems or questions with this document or your setup.

Before you begin the internet setup, you should have already setup and configured user accounts and any hardware on your system. Make sure that your modem is properly installed and plugged in.

First, click on the Start menu button in the lower left hand corner of the desktop. You should see a item labeled Control Panel. Click on it.

The Control Panel window should open. Click on Network and Internet Connections

Note: If you are in classic view, click on Switch to Category View first.

Click on Network Connections. (It's in the lower right corner and underlined in this picture.)
Click on Create a new connection. (It's in the upper left corner, under the heading Network Tasks. It's underlined in this picture.)
The New Connection Wizard should start. Click Next.
You may see this window pop up. If you do, it means you need to setup your location before you can continue with the internet setup.

Enter a name for the location at the top, such as Home.

Enter your area code.

Fill in the dialing rules. You can ignore the carrier code options - most people don't need these. If you do, you already know it.

If you need to disable call waiting, check the box and then select *70, unless you know you should select a different number.

When you are done, click on OK.

If you do not see this window, skip ahead until you see the window that matches what's on your screen.

After setting up the new location you should see this screen. Just click OK.
It should return you to the New Connection Wizard. Make sure the first item, Connect to the Internet, is selected. Then hit Next.
Select the second item, Set up my connection manually. Then hit Next.
Select the first item, Connect using a dial-up modem. Then hit Next.
Enter Spacestar in the box labeled ISP Name. Then hit Next.
Type in the phone number of the Spacestar modem you will dial. This is not your phone number. If you don't know the number, look at the bottom of this document. You may also need to enter an area code.

Then hit Next.

Enter your username. Your username is the first half of your email address. For instance, if my email is then I would enter username here. Make sure you use all lowercase letters.

Enter your password, then enter it again next to Confirm Password.

Leave all 3 boxes checked unless you know you specifically do not want them.

Then hit Next.

Click on the small square next to Add a shortcut... Then press the Finish button.
This window should open. All you need to do now is click the Dial button and your computer will attempt to connect to Spacestar and the Internet. Once it has done this, you can open your web browser (usually Internet Explorer or Netscape) and browse the web.

If you want to setup your email, go back to the Spacestar Website and click the Setup Info link. Then select the setup document for the email program you want to use.

Or, if you're already online, click on a link below:

Outlook Express
Netscape 4.x
Netscape 6.x
Access Numbers:
City Number Service

Mpls, St. Paul : 952.674.2016 56k V.90 Support
Afton, St. Paul : 651.436.1000 56k V.90 Support
Annandale / Maple Lake : 320.963.5686 56k V.90 Support

Amery : 715.268.5330 33.6k Support
Hudson : 715.386.6500 56k V.90 Support
River Falls : 715.426.2200 56k V.90 Support
Spooner : 715.635.8925 56k V.90 Support
Turtle Lake : 715.986.2744 56k V.90 Support