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     Whatever term you use, each describes the larger than life virtual world known as the Internet -- a powerful tool that is and surely will continue shaping the future of the communications industry as we know it. With the unprecedented communications and commercial possibilities that the Internet offers, you are probably already aware of how the internet can help you... but where on earth do you start?

     Spacestar is your Total Internet Solution. We provide you with the tools your business needs to compete and succeed in today's competitive environment. Our services range from personal and corporate Internet access to web server hosting. Let Spacestar's team of professionals design a custom solution for you.

     If you are ready to take your business into the information age, help is just one e-mail away. As we grow we continue to add phone lines, modems, and network capacity to ensure maximum availability so please help your family, friends, and business associates discover the possibilities with Spacestar! Any questions? Give us a call!

      We offer many other services including but not limited to: Network Consulting; E-Commerce Solutions; Electronic Shopping Carts.

      Contact one of our sales associates to see what we can do for your business or home.

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